Jewellery Shopping Tips for a Picky Person

Jewellery Shopping Tips for a Picky Person

We have written many gift guides, and this has been the most challenging one, what to gift a picky person. Picky people prefer to buy their own gifts if you give them a candle they want it to match their home, if you gift them a t-shirt it needs to be the right material, there’s always a “but” with picky people so, here are some tips to get the perfect gift and not fail.

Listen to them

A lot of the time we get the wrong gifts because we tend not to listen or we’re looking for things that match our taste instead of the recipient. People are usually very open about their likes and dislikes. Even the slightest detail is a good start, like their favorite color.

Pay attention to what they already own 

One of the best ways to get a gift that they’ll love is to look for something similar or in the same line as what they already own. If all their jewelry is silver, then there’s no point in getting them rose gold jewelry as they will probably not even wear it. 

Trust the professionals

There’s a reason they are professionals, they know what they’re doing and most jewelers have been working long enough in the field to know exactly what you’re looking for with just your description of the person. 

Talk to Friends

Maybe you’re not the most detail-oriented person, but someone from your group of friends is, so this probably has noticed things you haven’t and can give you some ideas on what to get.


If all else fails and you’re feeling overwhelmed then you can just ask the person what they would like to get. Giving a gift shouldn’t be a chore and if it’s turning into one then it’s time to relax and take the easy route. 

Giving a gift is an act of love and that’s why we think it through so much. If you’re looking for something special and personal, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re having doubts about what to get, you can reach out to us at

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