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New Mom Necklace-Engraved with Birth Date New Mom Necklace-Engraved with Birth Date
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First Time Grandma Gift First Time Grandma Gift
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First Time Auntie First Time Auntie
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First Time Auntie
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Celebrate the Miracle of Life


Pregnancy is a unique and special moment in every woman's life. As the mother-to-be approaches the end of her pregnancy, she may find herself overwhelmed with emotions. It is a time to reflect on the journey that brought her to this point and to look forward to the joys of motherhood that lie ahead. To commemorate this special moment, many women choose to give themselves or their loved ones a special gift - something that will remind them of this extraordinary time in their lives. Whether it is jewelry, clothing, or artwork, these gifts are a beautiful way to honor and cherish the incredible experience of pregnancy and prepare for the joys of motherhood.


Best Gift for a New Mom

Celebrate the joy of motherhood and carry your baby's stats with you wherever you go with this timeless and unique Birth Date Necklace. Whether it's the date of birth, time of birth, or name of your baby, this necklace will be a beautiful reminder of your special moment. It is an ideal way to commemorate this wonderful occasion and make sure that you never forget it. The perfect gift for any mom-to-be!


First-time Grandma

Pregnancy announcements are a special moment for any family. Make your announcement even more special by surprising your mom with a first-time grandma necklace. Whether you're announcing the arrival of a baby boy or girl, this necklace is the perfect way to make your mom feel extra special and let her know that she is going to be an amazing grandmother.


First-time Auntie

Being an aunt is one of the most special relationships in life. It's a connection that brings joy, love and laughter to both the aunt and her niece or nephew. A necklace can be the perfect gift to symbolize this new relationship, and what better way to announce the pregnancy than with a beautiful necklace? This necklace will be something that she can cherish for years to come as she watches her niece or nephew grow up.