Memories Transformed Into Jewelry

Reflection of Memories is a family-owned business born in 2015, founded by Neida, and run by Neida and her sister Rosel. A now-retired Transplant nurse, Neida started Reflection of Memories as a side business. As time passed, she realized this was something she was passionate about, not just the jewelry industry as its own, but the chance to be a part of people’s stories in such a small but significant way.

Reflection of Memories has always been more than a jewelry brand. We transform people’s memories and stories of love, loss, struggles, and hope into tokens they carry with them.

A token serves as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, or feeling, and that’s what our pieces are: tokens.

We create tokens that people can personalize and transform: a necklace turns into a celebration of a victory, and what could have been a simple bracelet turns into a piece of encouragement, a symbol of love, compassion, or hope. Our jewelry is a small representation of a part of our customers' past or present.