Personalized Jewelry

Unique Style In 14k Gold Filled & Sterling Silver


Personalized Necklaces for Women

Women’s necklaces come in many different designs and colors, each able to compliment a different style and wardrobe. But when your jewelry lacks a connection with a meaningful moment in your life, the luster of the gold and silver simply doesn’t shine quite as bright.
Nowadays, personalized jewelry and other accessories seem antiquated. But Reflection of Memories not only wants to help you create long-lasting memories with those you love, we want to show the world that gorgeous 14k gold and sterling silver can be combined with a special kind of personality: yours.
Check out our selection of personalized necklaces for women and find your next perfect gift!

Custom Name Necklaces

A necklace inscribed with an individual’s name can make for a good gift idea. But let’s face it: you probably won’t find special or specific names with just any jeweler. You could search for a loved one’s name for ages trying to find the right price. Fortunately, Reflection of Memories features beautiful gold and sterling silver necklaces that are simple to order and – most importantly – affordable.
Custom name necklaces can be designed with individual birthstones for birthdays, stamped with monogrammed initials, or even additionally engraved with important dates and events. Think of it like a most sophisticated and beautiful way to carve your initials together into a big oak tree. But with quality like ours, your personalized name necklace will last much longer and mean so much more.

Unique Mother’s Day Necklaces

Mothers have done so much for all of us. In the very least, they introduced us to this place we call home, giving us a chance to grow and to love. At the most, they are our loving teachers and examples of patience and trust. Some mothers enter our lives well after we’re born; stepmothers and godmothers who take on the responsibility of family are worth more than gold.
Celebrate the woman you call mother with our collection of personalized Mother’s Day necklaces and jewelry. The date may change every year, but don’t miss out on showing your mom how much you love her and her tireless devotion. Our favorite necklaces are the ones you can customize with your own handwriting!

Feature Your Own Handwriting

It’s pretty easy to find a keychain with a humorous quote or joke that’s been manufactured a million times. You can find jewelry stamped with all the letters of the alphabet. But an individual's handwriting is unmistakably personal.
You may feel like your handwriting would cheapen the quality of the necklace. On the contrary, the necklaces that are customized with a special message are some of our most popular designs, especially those written by hand. Don’t worry, we’ve made the process simple! All you have to do is write your small two to five word message on a piece of paper, email it to us, and we take care of the rest.

Necklaces For Every Member of the Family

No matter who you are or where the winds of life have taken you, there will be women in your life that make the difficulties of life easier to bear. Even happiness is possible as you share memories and experiences with the ones you love. Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers help shape us. They may be part of your biological family and they may not.
Reflection of Memories loves to help our clients share their love and appreciation for family. Combining a meaningful message or style hits it home every time!

Create a Lasting Memory With the Woman In Your Life

When you find “the one”, it can change your life in very unexpected ways. Sometimes your personalities mesh; sometimes it takes work and patience. But when gratitude and love are the primary ingredients in a relationship, that’s when moments and memories become unforgettable.
That’s why we designed a line of personalized jewelry for your girlfriend, your fiancé, or your wife that will leave her speechless. Anniversaries, birthdays, or any other romantic occasion will become part of your personalized gift. We can monogram a necklace for her, help you share a handwritten message inscribed on sterling silver, or even design a pair of custom stainless steel puzzle necklaces that fit together perfectly (just like you).
Order your custom necklace today in time for your upcoming date!

Create Something Truly Unique With Reflection of Memories

From our studio in Florida, we are always searching for the best way to combine beautiful designs with a personalized touch. Necklaces and other accessories may come and go as time goes on. But we hope that our sterling silver and 14k gold necklaces will mean something much more to you than the shine of the metal. For us, these personalized necklaces are gifts from the heart.
If you have any questions about any of our designs or want to customize one of our pieces in a unique way, please contact us with the details. We would love to help you right away.