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There are few people more special in this world than mothers. They sacrificed so much to bring us into the world and help us through all of the trials life throws in our way. Sometimes we call the wonderful women that raised us by other names: grandma, sister, aunt, and stepmothers. And sometimes our mothers worked and raised the kids by themselves with nothing more than determination and love.
If there is a mother in your life that has set you on the right path, there is no one more deserving of the perfect gift on Mother’s Day. Reflection of Memories specializes in unique Mother’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your mom’s face. We make every gift by hand in our studio in Florida and send them straight to your door to ensure the highest quality possible. You will love the beauty of every necklace, bracelet, and charm we make.

Mothers Necklace Designs and Custom Jewelry

At Reflection of Memories, we believe simplicity and subtle elegance is perfect for mothers. No matter what their personal style of preference, our customized bar necklaces and charm necklaces are easily layered with other jewelry or worn by itself. Our necklaces feature a variety of different charms and Swarovski birthstone crystals to convey the perfect message of appreciation and love to your mother on that special day.
From the chaos of a diaper-less child running through the house to the turbulent teenage years and beyond, one thing is certain: mothers hold each memory deep in their hearts, even when they hurt. One of our favorite mothers necklace designs allows you to choose a combination of birthstones so that each child is connected to a bright and delicate chain. It’s the perfect symbol for a mother’s love for her children and a surefire gift that will make the day unforgettable.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day takes place during a beautiful time of year, when spring has long melted the long winter away to start the summer off right. It’s a time when the family can get together and celebrate the women that hold us all together. Although the specific details of each Mother’s Day are often forgotten, the feelings of those days continue on long after the day is gone.
Reflection of Memories creates gorgeous and lasting gifts for exactly this reason, to help you capture those moments and hold onto them for a lifetime. Each of our Mother’s Day gifts are unique, combining beautiful keepsakes with a special message. You can simply let us know the names you would like added to each message card, or you can contact us with your own custom message to make the gift deeply meaningful.
Before Mother’s Day arrives, choose a few of our mom necklaces and bracelet designs to share your love for her.

Special Treasures for Every Mother In Your Family

They may not be your mother, but every woman who has had the privilege of motherhood deserves to feel loved and wanted. This mother could be a close friend, a family member such as an aunt or a grandmother, or even a loved one who has gone through the tragedy of losing a child.
No matter the message you wish to send, Reflection of Memories has a unique gift for that special moment. We work with only the finest 14k gold fill and sterling silver to create our custom jewelry. Our attention to detail and minimalistic style sets us apart from other online jewelry stores, making it possible to give a personalized gift to the mother you love without compromising on price or quality.

Shop Now and Discover the Latest Creations by Reflection of Memories

We regularly create new designs to offer you a wider selection of gifts perfect for the next holiday, birthday, and celebration. Our collection of mothers necklaces, bracelets, and other custom gifts changes and improves often, so don’t miss out on the latest trends.
If you have any questions about how long a current order will take, or how we can better customize the gift you want to give, contact us right away.