How to Choose the Right Jewelry

How to Choose the Right Jewelry

A guide to choosing the right jewelry for you

Jewelry can make or break an outfit, and selecting the right jewelry can be a nightmare. We're not just talking about the right necklace with the right neckline; choosing the right jewelry involves more than that, and if you're one of the people who struggle when putting together an outfit, this article is here for you. 

Jewelry That Suits Your Skin Tone

This is the first thing you have to know to choose the correct jewelry.

People tend to focus only on skin tone, but your skin undertone also matters and can be the decisive factor. As a quick cheat sheet, we can tell you that if your skin undertone is warm, yellow gold and gold rose are your best friends. If you have a cool skin undertone, silver or white gold jewelry is the way to go.

Choosing jewelry in the right color will make your outfit and your skin tone pop.

Jewelry According to the Occasion 

Some pieces of jewelry are great for everyday occasions, like grabbing coffee first thing in the morning or even going out to dinner with friends, but those same necklaces might not work so well for a wedding or a gala. 

Outfit Neckline and Sleeves

Knowing which necklace or bracelet will enhance your outfit's neckline or sleeves is important, as it can be the missing key to a stunning look. As a tip, we can tell you that a thin chain bracelet is a good everyday accessory to match with most outfits, as they are not considered a statement piece and allow the outfit to shine for itself.

For necklines, you can use this guide we shared on our Instagram profile.

Choose a Statement Piece

A statement piece will be your outfit's focal point. When we choose a statement piece, our outfits look well thought out instead of rushed. Moreover, having a focal point will make things a lot easier. For example, if you want to use a big or shiny necklace, you know your neckline has to be demure.

Don’t Forget About Your Personal Style

Above all things, what makes an outfit pop is confidence. If you’re not feeling comfortable, it will show. Fashion is fun and helps us show who we are, so always wear something that you love and are comfortable with. 

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