Thank You Gifts


Grateful for Everything You Are


Appreciation Gifts for Family, Friends, and More

There are so many people that come and go through our lives, and many of them don’t receive the thanks they deserve. Don’t let the chance to show your gratitude pass you by! At Reflection of Memories, we have a wide selection of necklaces to help you share appreciation for those that have helped you.

Gratitude Gifts for Any Profession

Life is a constant struggle of pressures and priorities. With enough time, even the strongest of people can get worn down. But with one simple act of gratitude, your entire world can become brighter. From your child’s school teacher to your hairdresser, our simple and beautiful necklaces will be a wonderful surprise, guaranteed.
If we don’t have a gift for a specific person in your life, contact us and we can make a fully custom piece for you.

Recognition Gifts

When you go above and beyond expectations, feeling under-appreciated often leads to a decreased desire to excel. On the other hand, having your efforts recognized at home, at school, or at work can boost your confidence to new heights. It’s not usually about the work itself, but the dedication you have to making others happy. When someone notices, you’ll often realize that the small sources of stress around you matter less.
Instead of picking out something bland from the store, choose one of our beautiful recognition gifts. Personalize it with specific details and a unique message to show someone you truly appreciate their service to you and everyone around you.

Boss Appreciation Gifts

Sure, not every boss is the peak of personal perfection. But there isn’t a manager, team lead, and executive on the planet that produces results without a lot of work. Show your boss your gratitude for what they do for you and those they work with.

Unique Creations for Unique People

One of the secrets to a happy and healthy life is the way you treat the people around you. Create memories with a keepsake from Reflection of Memories and share your appreciation and gratitude with everyone you love and respect. They might surprise you when they share their gratitude right back!