Celebrate the Birth of an Angel


Birthday Gifts for Her

Growing up, birthdays for girls are the perfect time for cake, presents, and slumber parties with friends. As they grow up to be confident women, birthdays become a more meaningful time to celebrate the joys and friendships that make life worth living. When the birthday of your favorite little girl, best friend, loving sibling, or beloved companion arrives, surprise them with a personalized birthday present from Reflection of Memories.

Personalized Birthday Gifts

We make so many connections in our lives. Friends and family may come and go, but those that love us the most remember each birthday! Our most popular gifts symbolize the love you share with her; 14k gold necklaces with charms in the shape of infinity, complete with customizable birthstones for her birthday and yours.
Choose one of our bar necklaces to help her make a stylish statement whenever she wears it. They are much more than simple necklaces, though: each can be laser engraved with a unique message that ties you together.

21st Birthday Gifts for Her

When your best friend turns 21, it’s time to party! With a bright future ahead of her, it’s an important time to show her how much you appreciate them for who they are.
Select a bracelet or necklace from our selection, each available in sterling silver and rose gold to perfectly match her style. Customize the charms to show the flower or the zodiac sign unique to their birth month. Select a gorgeous birthstone, each a beautiful Swarovski crystal matching each precious gem related to every month of the year.

Create Unique Birthday Gifts with Reflection of Memories

It’s not enough to remember a woman’s birthday. Instead of a boring gift card or store-bought present, create a unique gift that she will love at first sight! We craft each piece by hand to ensure the most exquisite quality and modern design you will find anywhere.
If you have any questions about how you can personalize your order, please contact us and we’ll get back to you right away. Don’t just remember the little moments when you can make unforgettable memories with Reflection of Memories.

Birthstone Necklaces for Birthdays

Just as every month has its own unique nature as the years go by, everyone you love has their own special personality and style. Reflection of Memories features a beautiful collection of birthstone necklaces, each customizable with a deep-hued Swarovski crystal gem of your choice. Choose from sterling silver, 14k gold, or rose gold, and personalize it to create a gift they will treasure for years to come.


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January’s birthstone necklace features garnet, originally named for the red seed of a pomegranate. These gems have been used by royalty and nobility through the ages, and a necklace bearing this gem will stand out in a wonderful way.



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February’s birthstone necklace features amethyst, a gem once considered as precious as a diamond. Funny enough, the ancient Greeks that gave the stone its name believed that amethyst could ward off drunkenness. While this may not be true, their beauty is undeniable.



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March’s birthstone necklace features aquamarine, a gem that ranges between baby blue, dark navy, and even blue-green. The Greek and Roman sailors wore aquamarines to protect them from dangerous seas as well as improve their luck when catching fish.



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April’s birthstone necklace features the most precious gem in the world: diamond. While most think of diamonds as sparkling and crystal-clear, diamonds come in a stunning array of colors. They are one of the hardest substances on Earth; only a diamond can cut a diamond.



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May’s birthstone necklace features emeralds. Through ancient history, emeralds symbolized long life and vitality. Royalty in Egypt (including Cleopatra) were even buried with emeralds as a mark of protection. They remain one of the most valuable jewels in modern times.



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June’s birthstone necklace features alexandrite, a modern gem discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Originally found in emerald mines, alexandrite gems change color under different intensities of light. Today they are more scarce and valuable than diamonds.



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July’s birthstone necklace features ruby, known for its gorgeous red color and symbolism for kingly authority. Rubies traveled far and wide down the Silk Road between medieval China and Europe and maintained their desirability all the way to the 21st century.



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August’s birthstone necklace features a peridot gem. While the pronunciation of the gemstone depends on where you live (pear-eh-doe in French or pear-eh-dot in America), the lime-green color is unmistakable.



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September’s birthstone necklace features the sapphire. Ancient rulers adorned their clothing and armor with sapphires to symbolize their wisdom and divine favor. True-blue sapphires are some of the most prized gems in the world today.



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October’s birthstone necklace features tourmaline, a stone named for the unbelievable variety of colors they can show. In fact, tourmaline was often mistaken for precious gems like emeralds and topaz. Anyone with an October birthday has lots to choose from!



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November’s birthstone necklace features topaz, another gem that shines in a variety of hues. The symbolism of topaz is one of the most extensive, ranging from a belief in long life by the Hindi to its ability to break curses in Renaissance Europe.



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December’s birthstone necklace features tanzanite. This remarkable blue gem only comes from a single place in the world: Tanzania, a country in East Africa. Its discovery in 1967 has dazzled jewel collectors with its vibrant color and clarity.


Choose the Perfect Birthstone Jewelry for Family and Friends

Whatever the time of the year, we have the perfect birthstone keepsake for a close friend or family member. Let us know if you have any questions!