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For The First Time Grandma

Our personalized pieces are the perfect announcement gift. It’s a gift she will treasure forever as a reminder of becoming a grandmother for the first time. Make the most significant moments in your life a little more special with Reflection of Memories.

Grandmother and Granddaughter Bond

Nana, Meemaw, Mimi, Nona, Grandma… Whichever way they call her, the grandma-grandchild bond is one of the most joyful to watch unfold. Honor the infinite connection between you and your nana or granddaughter and let her know she's always connected to you.

Godmother Proposal

You have celebrated every step of the pregnancy, you hosted a baby shower, you had the pregnancy photoshoot, and now, it’s time to choose the baby’s godmother. A godparent proposal is a special moment, you’re officially asking a beloved friend to be there for you and your baby in the best and worst times. Express your love and appreciation with a heartwarming gift.

Godmother and Godchild Bond

A Godmother’s duty is more than helping in their godchild's spiritual path. A Godmother is there to help their goddaughter or godson through life, to hold their hand when things are hard. It’s a bond worth celebrating.

Gifts for Grandma

Having a grandma that pampers and loves you is a beautiful luxury many people don't get to enjoy due to different circumstances.
But if you are one of those who have a grandma that looks after you, buys you gifts, and takes your sides at all times, it's important to show your love and care for her.
One of the ways to show her your love is through gift-giving. Give her a gift that will last for a lifetime. A memorable gift that reminds her how much you care about her.
If you were raised by your grandma and you want to appreciate her for her sacrifices, giving her the perfect gift that celebrates what she means to you is the best thing to do.
Looking for gifts for grandma? We can help you out. Whether it's for your precious grandma or Abuela or your ever-present and kind godmother, we have the best gift ideas for them.

Gifts for Godmother

Godmothers are like second mothers. They sometimes take on the responsibility of mothers and love you like their own.
If you have a godmother, you are grateful for, getting her a gift is a beautiful way to show you appreciate her. And we recommend getting her a jewelry gift from our gifts for godmother collection.
One of the gifts is the Madrina or Godmother necklace. It is a custom necklace with a beautiful sentiment. You can customize your godmother's initials on it and give it to her as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift, or on any occasion.
Our Madrina necklace also comes with an attached gemstone. We are sure your godmother will appreciate seeing her initial on a beautiful sterling silver or gold-filled necklace.
If you are having a christening day soon, you can also gift your godmother a "Will you be my godmother" necklace to show her how enthusiastic you are about having her as your godmother.

Gifts for Abuela

Abuela is the Spanish word for grandmother. Grandmothers are known to have a soft spot for their grandkids, and if you have one, you definitely want to show her you love her by gifting her these specially made jewelry gifts for grandma.
Like our Abuela Y Nieta (grandma and granddaughter) necklace, also called the Infinity love charm. It symbolizes a love that lasts for eternity. Just like the birthstones attached to the necklace, it means the love between a grandma and her granddaughter will always be connected.
If you give your Abuela this necklace and tell her the meaning, we are sure it will mean the world to her.
Another necklace to get your grandma is the Collar de Regalo para Abuela, meaning gift necklace for grandma. It's a customizable necklace with a beautiful sentiment. You can customize each birthstone of each of grandma's children and grandchildren. And whenever grandma wears it, she wears all her children in her heart.

Family Link Necklaces

The love between a grandmother and her grandkids is unrivaled. If you would like to show your grandma how much you love her, you can get her a family link necklace.
This necklace is personalized jewelry for grandma that contains the birthstones and initials of grandma and each member of the family. We guarantee your grandma will love this. Show her how much you love being a part of her family by getting her the 14k gold-filled or sterling silver Nanna necklace.
Whether it's a just-because gift or a gift to announce the pregnancy of her grandchild, make her day grand with this jewelry gift.

Personalized Jewelry for Grandma

Nothing compares to the sentimental value of personalized jewelry.
You can make your grandma feel loved and appreciated by gifting her personalized jewelry. In our personalized jewelry for grandma collection, you will find diverse jewelry gifts of necklaces and bracelets that you can get for grandma and personalize with the initials of her grandchildren or their birthstones.
Even when you are not around, grandma can always look at the necklace and remember how much you love her. It will also make her feel like a part of the family. Not just that, if you get her our 14k gold-filled or sterling silver jewelry, she will love it more for its elegance, originality, and long-lasting beauty. She will cherish it forever.

Give a Gift to Grandma Today!

Grandma deserves a gift! Most times, it's not the size or price that matters; it is the sentiment and meaning behind the gift that matters.
At Reflection of Memories, we prioritize the message and meaning of the gifts, and we will like to help you put a smile on grandma's face and show her you love her with our beautiful personalized jewelry.
Give grandma a gift today, and check out our jewelry gifts collection for more ideas.