5 Myths of Handmade Jewelry

5 Myths of Handmade Jewelry

As a small handmade jewelry business, we have had to face several myths regarding handmade jewelry, and while some of them may be true, others are not. Most of the time, false myths make our work harder.

In this article, we will discuss the myths and reality of handmade jewelry.


Myth #1: Handmade Jewelry Has Lower Quality

This is one of the most harmful myths for jewelry makers. Not all handmade jewelry is cheaply made. Reflection of Memories, and many other small brands, use great materials to create an incredible final product. We pay attention to details to make sure you receive a unique piece. 



Myth #2: Handmade Jewelry Is More Expensive

Handmade jewelry can be more expensive, but there’s a reason for it. The pieces are not mass-produced, which means it takes more time to produce one single piece. Most of the time, these are unique pieces, which means you will probably only see a few of them made. 


Myth #3: Handmade Jewelry Takes Longer to Receive

Handmade jewelry can take longer since, as I mentioned earlier, the process to create a piece takes longer due to everything being handmade or not mass-produced. Moreover, handmade jewelry is not usually found in jewelry stores and is not readily available. 


Myth #4: It doesn’t last as long as other jewelry

False. Handmade jewelry can last as much as a big brand jewel. As with any other piece of jewelry, it’s up to the wearer how much it lasts. 


Myth #5: Handmade Jewelry Can Be Too Bold 

Some brands are specialized in bold jewelry, but that doesn’t mean every brand creates bold jewelry. In Reflection of Memories, we create classic, stylish and subtle pieces.


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