3 ways to Memorialize Your Pet

3 ways to Memorialize Your Pet

When we get a pet, we start seeing them as a part of our family. We nurture and feed them. We love them; we care for their needs and health and even celebrate their birthdays. In all ways, they are a part of our family, but when they are gone, we are not sure how to cope. There are no written rituals on how to mourn the loss of a pet, and wanting to have something that memorializes them is only natural. It's part of the mourning process when someone you love dies.

If you are going through this and are looking for options on how to memorialize your dog, then here are some ideas we have:


Artwork can be a beautiful and long-lasting keepsake. You can commission a painting, drawing, or a needle-felted version of your dog, you can even get a tattoo. There are so many talented artists out there that can and will help you during your grief.


Pet Memorial Jewelry

A piece of jewelry will ensure you always carry your pet with you. You can have your dog's paw print engraved on a necklace, keychain, or bracelet. Whichever suits your preferences. If you wish to go with this option, you can review Reflection of Memories Pet Lover collection, you will find different customizable items.


Make a Donation

If you don't feel ready to adopt another pet, you can start donating to foundations or animal shelters. Continuing to give love is a beautiful way to memorialize your pet.

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