What to Gift a New Teen Driver

What to Gift a New Teen Driver

Being a new car driver and a car owner is a big responsibility, and while it's good learning to drive young, it's also scary as a parent. We want to protect them from the outside world, and the best way to do that is by preparing them for any situation they may come across, encouraging them to be responsible not only with their life but with others.

We made a collection of thoughtful and practical gifts we know will help with this endeavor, from car accessories to reminder items.

Car cellphone Holder

The Best Car Phone Mounts for 2022 | PCMag

The first thing on our list is a Cellphone holder. We all love to have our phones handy, but when we're driving, the safest option is using a cellphone holder. It allows us to check google maps or even take calls without distracting us from the road. 

Key Tracker

AirTag vs Galaxy Smart Tag: comparativa de accesorios para localizar objetos

No more missing keys! As adults, we lose our kids more often that we like to admit, so you can guess a teenager will likely missplace their keys pretty often. This device will help them keep track of where they left it.

There are several options you can get, from Tile to Samsung SmartTag. 

Car Emergency KitBest Emergency Kits for Cars in 2022 - CNET

Now, this is a must have for any car owner not just teenagers. Emergency kits are essential when owning a car. It allow us to be prepared for any eventuality. You can find a wide range of emergency kits on Amazon. 

Personalized Keychain 

We all love a good keychain, and this personalized keychain is a good mix between useful-gift and thoughtful-gift. You can give your child words of encouragement and love through this keychain.

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