5 Mother of the Bride Duties

5 Mother of the Bride Duties

Organizing a wedding is a huge task, and having someone to help you besides the wedding planner is always ideal. In most cases, these helping hands are your mom’s and the maid of honor, and identifying each one's duties early on, will ensure everything runs smoothly.

Today, we’re helping you identify your mom’s duties during the organization of your wedding. Bare in mind that you can assign whichever tasks you think your mom would be great in but may not necessarily fit the set Mom of the Bride wedding duties. 

Family Gatherings

One of the roles expected from the mother of the bride is being the hostess. 

Joining both families can be exhausting and one that, understandably, no bride wants to be in charge of, and that’s where the mom’s hostess skills shine through. Once you’re officially engaged is time for a get-together.

Guest List

It’s your day, so of course, you and your partner have the biggest say on who will be invited, but nothing like mom’s memory and organizational skills to help you write the correct full names and sort out the wedding guest list.

Being one of the POC for the Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is a strenuous process, and sometimes it can become too much for the bride being the POC for the wedding planner, or even some vendors will lift a weight off the bride and groom shoulders. 

Bridesmaids Gifts

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends, friends that most likely your mom has heard all about, so she is the perfect person to help you choose their gifts. Make sure you give a detailed description of what you’re looking for, necklaces, bracelets, or any other item, so she knows exactly what and where to look for.

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Last minute issues

This is a task that the mom and maid of honor can share. It doesn’t matter how great you plan your day, something may still come up, and it’s the mother of the bride and the maid of honor who should handle it. 

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