Anniversary Gift Guide for Husband

Anniversary Gift Guide for Husband

All women have heard at least one man complaining about how difficult it is to give a woman a present, but have they thought about how hard it is to give them a present? Men don’t express their likes and dislikes as much as women. With men, we usually have to be very observant to figure out what to give them.

Today, we’re giving you a gift guide on what to gift a man without breaking the bank.


For the Husband Who Enjoys Cooking and Grilling

Spices Set

The perfect gift for the cooking aficionado. Choosing the right spices is overwhelming, there are so many different brands and so many types of spices, that’s why a spice set is a perfect gift for the cooking aficionado. He gets to cook savory dishes and you get to eat wonderful food. 

Personalized Cutting Board

As you may have guessed at Reflections of Memories we’re big fans of personalized gifts. A personalized cutting board It’s a gift that won’t break the bank, it’s useful and will make him feel special. 

For The Husband Who Loves Video Games

Men can be 60 years old and will still love video games with the intensity of a teenager. These types of gifts are usually a bit more expensive, but we managed to find a budget-friendly gift. 


Mobile Game Controller 

This mobile game controller is the perfect on-the-go accessory. He can carry this controller with him everywhere and enjoy a gaming session wherever he is. 

For The Forgetful Husband


Key Finder

There are several brands but our favorite is Tile. They have the key finder but they also have an accessory for wallets. If your husband is the forgetful type, he will totally love this gift


For The Stylish Husband


Personalized Men Necklace

Express your love with an engraved necklace. All you need to do is send us the text you want to engrave and we have it made for you. Our necklaces come with a personalized card you can also customize. 


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