Grandma's and Godmother: the other women in our lives

Grandma's and Godmother: the other women in our lives


For The First Time Grandma

Our personalized pieces are the perfect announcement gift. It’s a gift she will treasure forever as a reminder of becoming a grandmother for the first time.  Make the most significant moments in your life a little more special with Reflection of Memories. 

Grandmother and Grandchild Bond


Nana, Meemaw, Mimi, Nona, Grandma… Whichever way they call her, the grandma-grandchild bond is one of the most joyful to watch unfold. Honor the infinite connection between you and your nana or granddaughter and let her know she's always connected to you.

Godmother Proposal


You have celebrated every step of the pregnancy, you hosted a baby shower, you had the pregnancy photoshoot, and now, it’s time to choose the baby’s godmother. A godparent proposal is a special moment, you’re officially asking a beloved friend to be there for you and your baby in the best and worst times. Express your love and appreciation with a heartwarming gift. 

Godmother and Godchild Bond


A Godmother’s duty is more than helping in their godchild's spiritual path. A Godmother is there to help their goddaughter or godson through life, to hold their hand when things are hard. It’s a bond worth celebrating. 

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