How to keep the spark in a long distance relationship

How to keep the spark in a long distance relationship

Relationships are not easy, in general, so when miles are separating you, then it gets even more complicated. Long-distance relationships come with their own set of obstacles and difficulties that the couples that see each other every day don’t face. Keeping the spark alive is one of those difficulties, and yes, this is not exclusive to long-distance relationships but being long-distance means you have to get more creative than the rest. 

Today, we’re helping you keep the spark alive in your relationship with these seven tips. 

1- Communication

Communication is key in every relationship, but especially when there’s a distance separating you. It’s not about talking every hour, it’s learning to communicate through the phone, meaning texts and facetime. Miscommunication happens easily through the phone. 

Overcommunicating is also not a good idea, talking every hour might just make you bored of each other. There’s so much you can talk about what you did in the day. 

2-Get Creative

You can’t touch or see each other in person but technology is a wonderful thing, and there are so many things you can purchase that will make the distance bearable, like the Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set we mentioned in a previous article. 

3-Share a Hobby

Sharing a hobby gives you both the chance to feel connected in some way. We personally recommend video games or something similar, it gives you both the opportunity to feel you’re next to each other and having fun together, and it gives you another shared interest.

4-Send Care Packages

Gift-giving is a love language just like physical touch. Let the other person know you think about them and send them the things about the place you’re in that remind you of them. You can send local snacks, or anything that you feel will connect you.

5-Carry something with you that reminds you of them

We often attach little meanings to objects, so find something that you can carry with you that reminds you of them. Our his and hers keychain collection is perfect for this as you can personalize it as you wish and give it a personal touch.

6-Plan Ahead

Just because you’re not able to go out on a date doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan date nights. You can still facetime each other and plan something special. 

As we mentioned, long-distance relationships take a lot more work than others. You need to be creative and open to put in the work it takes.

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