Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that can be terrifying, isolating, and painful. The best we can do for a loved one suffering from this disease is to be there for them and make their journey back to health easier, making them feel loved. 

A great gift goes a long way, it may give them comfort after a long day of being in a hospital, but a well-intended gift can backfire. That is why we’re giving you a list of helpful and loving presents you can give a cancer patient. 


RACHEL Rachel Roy Women's Plus Size Amara Fuzzy Caridgan


Warm coat or fuzzy cardigan: being a cancer patient means that you may spend a lot of time in a cold room or sitting in hard hospital chairs. A warm coat or a fuzzy cardigan is a functional and thoughtful gift that can turn an uncomfortable hospital stay into a not-so-terrible experience.  


Comforting Jewelry: not every gift we give to cancer patients needs to be practical in their everyday life. Sometimes, it just makes them feel happy and hopeful. Accessories have the power to make us feel good, and if it has a powerful message, then all the better. 


Eccolo Gold Bees Writing Journal, 256 Lined Page Notebook, Faux Leather Soft Cover, 5x7"


Journal: one of the hardest things to deal with when you’re a cancer patient is your thoughts. Staying positive and hopeful is hard when you’re feeling nauseous or sitting on a chair surrounded by nurses or Drs. That’s why gifting a journal can be a heartwarming gift, writing down their thoughts and tracking their bad and good days may help them feel better, and when the time comes, they can read it a see how far they've come.


Gift card - Free business icons

Gift Card: you can never go wrong with this present. As much as we try, sometimes we just don't know what the person may need or want at the time. Maybe they want a warm meal from their favorite restaurant, or perhaps they want something else. Whatever it is, a gift card allows them to pick their present themselves. 


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Laundry Service or Housecleaning Service: this is such a practical gift, but still very much appreciated. If doing laundry or cleaning the house is a taxing task on a regular day, imagine when you're not feeling your best. A full housecleaning service is an amazing and unexpected gift.


Remember that at the end of the day, there's no greater gift than your presence and love. 

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