7 ways to show support to a newly single mom after divorce

7 ways to show support to a newly single mom after divorce

For women, navigating life after a divorce is hard, and there’s even more pressure when you have a child to take care of. You feel the need to pretend everything is fine and there’s little time to grieve. It comes with many changes and is a moment when the person is vulnerable and needs support.


Today, we want to share with you some tips and ways you can support a newly single mom after a divorce.



Time Off


When you’re newly divorced with kids, is hard to make time for yourself. Time to grieve, to pamper yourself, to just have a moment of silence, so one of the best ways to support a newly single mom, if you’re close to her, is by helping her have a little time for herself.


Coupon to an activity 

In some cases, after a divorce, a woman’s sense of self is lost. They have spent so much time with this other person, and their life is so entangled with their exes that they have to go through the process of finding themselves. So, one way to support her is by helping her find an activity they may enjoy. You can encourage her to join a gym, pilates, paint, or any other activities that will help her go out into the world.


Listen Compassionately 

Going through a divorce is a difficult process that takes time to adjust. They can be frustrated, make mistakes, and sometimes they need someone who listens to them without judging them, which gives them a safe space to express themselves. 


Meal Kit or Meal Delivery

Being a newly single parent means developing your organizational skills even more. There’s no one now to help plan the meals, to take care of the kids while the other is cooking, is a process that takes time to adjust so a great gift you can give a mom going through is a meal kit or meal delivery. It is a great way to lift a weight off their shoulders.  


Weekly/Monthly Planner 

After a divorce, the best for the kids is to co-parent as seamlessly as possible. Organizing their time, holidays, and even their finances are necessary. These are details that when you’re newly divorced are hard to tackle, so a great way to help a newly divorced mom is helping her stay organized. 


Give her something special to remind her of her strength 


Jewelry has always been a girl's best friend, but this time it won’t be just any jewelry. Give her something meaningful that reminds her how strong she is and how she can overcome anything in life. 



Dinner Date


Sometimes all you need is a night out. A night to forget the bad and start creating brand-new memories with your friends and loved ones.

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