Madrina Proposal Gift Guide

Madrina Proposal Gift Guide

Every moment in your life and your little ones should be celebrated and memorable. Choosing a godmother or madrina, in Spanish, is one of those moments. A godmother is a big part of the spiritual journey your child will take on, and with time, will help them go through life, and choosing the person that will do this is a big deal. This moment has become a special occasion where the mother gives the soon-to-be godmother a proposal gift.

We curated this gift guide with our all-time favorite gifts and we made this list specifically for that mom unsure what to gift to make this moment memorable. Here’s our Madrina Proposal gift guide: 

Customized Madrina/Godmother Scented Candle

A scented candle is classy and a great gift; being able to personalize it’s an added plus and the perfect opportunity to express a loving message. If you want to customize the label then Etsy is your go-to website, but if you want to customize the scent then you can go to Candlechemistry, Peen&Beech, or do a quick google search you will find a few more options. 

To us, both are equally good choices and it’s up to you. If you’re a Spanish speaker, then customizing the label is a big plus as it allows you to express yourself in your native language and makes the madrina proposal sweeter.

Madrina Proposal Box

Gift boxes are a classic. They come with several items that you can customize. Overall, they’re an amazing gift. The downside is that they’re pricey. Today, we have two options for you: Etsy $39.99 madrina proposal gift box that comes with a porcelain mug, a pom pom keychain and a cute spoon. You can select the color of the pompom and the color of the spoon (silver or rose gold).  

Our second selection is a $69 box named La Vie en Rose from ekubox. They describe this box as seeing life through rose-colored glasses - living with an attitude of positivity - focusing on the beauty in life.

This box includes a Rose Otto Macaron Candle by Voluspa, Rose Acacia hand cream from France, Handmade herb and floral garden soap, and Sugarfina Sparkling Rose Gummy Bears, and it's adorned with dried rose petals. 

Customized Madrina Proposal Jewelry

Jewelry will always be a girl's best friend. Our Godmother necklace has a beautiful and sweet sentiment, and it's perfect for everyday wear.  It can be customized as you wish, you can add a cross, a birthstone, and an initial disc. Additionally, you can choose between Sterling Silver and Gold Filled, and we can personalize the card that comes with the necklace. 

This necklace is one of our best sellers for a reason. It is a completely customizable gift that allows you to express your feelings in a sincere and beautiful way. 

Quieres ser mi Madrina Puzzle Proposal

We loved this idea, and we think you will too. A puzzle proposal is fun and cute. All you have to do is sent the picture you want to use, send your baby's name, and they will create a puzzle out of it with the question. 

Engraved Wooden Card Madrina Proposal

This card is made out of wood and carved and can be personalized as you wish. You have to send them the text, name, and date that you want to have carved out, and they will do the rest. Additionally, it comes with a very cute teddy bear keychain. 

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