How to Measure Your Wrist Size to Find the Perfect Bracelet

How to Measure Your Wrist Size to Find the Perfect Bracelet

Reflection of Memories is all about helping you create a beautiful token of special memories, and one of the things we have noticed while doing so is that customers have some trouble choosing their bracelet size; they either go too long or too short and sometimes they just want a snug fit and don’t know what length to chose. 

Today, we’re giving you a step-by-step that will help you measure your wrist correctly to find the perfect bracelet. 

What You Will Need



3-Strip of paper (not too long and not too short)

4-A helping hand (Yes, this is a team effort)


Place your wrist on a flat surface, palm facing up, and right below the wrist bone, wrap the strip of paper around your wrist. 

See images 1 and 2. 

Measuring BraceletMeasures for Bracelet


Ask your helper to press their finger down over the paper and while they’re holding it, draw a line where it overlaps.

See Images 3 and 4

Measures Bracelet



In the last step, stretch the paper strip on a flat surface, and with your ruler, measure the length of the paper up until the line you drew. 

See Image 4

After following these steps, you now have your wrist size, and we can move on to choosing the perfect bracelet size, which is what we're really looking for. To your current measures, you will add the following accordingly:

  • If you want a snug fit, then add ¼”
  • If you want your bracelet to be a little loose, add 1”
  • If you want a comfortable fit, then add ¾”


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