How To Layer & Build Your Own Necklace Set

How To Layer & Build Your Own Necklace Set

The fashion world is exciting and beautiful. Moreover, fashion is a way of expressing yourself without words. To some, it is a language, and jewelry is a part of that language. 

Necklaces allow you to make a statement, be bold, and make your presence known. We have written several articles on how to choose the right jewelry for you, and today, we’re going to give you a little-known tip to transform your necklaces and wow everyone in the room. 

Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces has some tricks: it's all about choosing the right length, the correct styles, and the perfect materials.

The right length, the first necklace you choose must be shorter than the other(s), and the following necklace you select must be longer than the previous one. 

The correct styles, not every style looks good with several other necklaces. It's ok to mix several necklace styles at the same time, but we suggest keeping it simple while you're learning; this means sticking to delicate chains. 

As for materials, it's best to stick to the same type of metal or at least as similar as possible this will give a more polished look. 

Here are some easy examples of how you can layer your necklaces.

Basic choker and bar necklace 

This is the best beginner-friendly combination. A base yet stylish choker looks beautiful with almost any outfit and is the best starting point. We paired this basic choker with a longer bar necklace ( our initials engraved bar necklace). The bar necklace has been a staple piece for several years and matches perfectly with the basic choker. 

This layered necklace is simple but beautiful. It gives your everyday outfit an extra touch. 


Thin chain necklace with disc pendant and bar necklace

We're increasing difficulty with this one while keeping it simple. Find a necklace with a thin chain and a small disc pendant. The disc must be small to maintain the layering easily and simply. However, when you feel more comfortable with your style and choices, you can go with bolder looks. 

The disc necklace will be your starting point, so make sure it's short enough. Then, grab your bar necklace (we used our hammered bar necklace) and put it on after the disc necklace. 


Initial Disc Necklace-Double

Two similar necklaces can go perfectly together, and this is proof. Grab your disc necklaces and choose the one you want to put on first, then layer it with a longer disc necklace. 

We used our Engraved Initial Disc necklace as an example. 


Double Bar Layered Necklaces

Bar Necklaces can be layered as well, you can go with same-size bars or use the smaller bar as the starting point. We used two same-size bars and layered them together.

Three Layers Necklace

Now, it’s time to step up your game and layer all three necklace styles. We’ve been using classic styles to make it easier. You will start with the choker necklace for a simple yet stylish look that matches perfectly with the other two necklaces without disrupting the look. Then, you will go with the bar necklace and finish the styling with a necklace with a pendant (we used the hammered disc necklace).

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