How to find the right necklace length

How to find the right necklace length

We know you have probably come to our website, chosen the necklace you want, and then, when it’s time to select your necklace length, you feel lost. No worries! We’re here to help you and tell you that you’re not alone, as many of our customers don’t know the best necklace length for them. 

At Reflection of Memories, we work with three lengths 16, 18, and 20 for adults. If you're not a big online shopper, having just these measurements with no visual aid can be confusing. In this article, we are making your shopping experience a bit easier and helping you find the right necklace length.

First, find a measurement tape and take it around your neck. To your measurement, add 2 inches. You now have your choker length!

If you want to find out your collar length, add 4 inches. The necklace will sit as pictured below.

Now, to find out your princess length, add 6 inches.

Easy right? Once you have this information, online shopping for necklaces will be smooth sailing. 

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