Honeybee Necklace

Honeybee Necklace

We started the year with brand-new releases! Today, we are releasing our new HoneyBee Necklace. We took inspiration from the beauty of the bee, its symbolism, and everything they represent and brought it to you in the shape of a necklace. 

What Do Bees Represent?

Bees are a big part of our ecosystem. They are seen as industrious, harmonious, and gifted. Bees represent a perfect community where all the members help each other and are strong and full of wisdom. 

For Reflection of Memories, bees represent femininity, nurturing, wisdom, and fortitude. All things that we believe are part of being a strong woman. 

In the process of creating this necklace, we were inspired by all the strong women around us. The single moms, the community leaders, the stay-at-home moms, and all the women who work hard every day. This necklace is specifically designed for them, the Queen Bees. 

As with all our pieces, you can personalize this necklace at every step. From the changing length to the material (sterling silver, rose gold, or 14K gold-filled) and adding up to four initial engraved discs.

Get your necklace here.


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