Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Latinas at the Tropical Glam Soirée

Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Latinas  at the Tropical Glam Soirée

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Latinas on the Go, a remarkable organization that tirelessly empowers Latina women to achieve their highest potential through the invaluable pillars of networking, education, and community involvement. They're always there to help and inspire Latinas to become leaders, whether it's within their community or on a global level.

Yesterday, we had the honor of participating in their event Tropical Glam Soirée, marking the culmination of Hispanic Heritage Month. This occasion not only allowed us to celebrate the rich contributions and achievements of Hispanic and Latinx individuals throughout history but also left us profoundly inspired. Witnessing the impactful work of Latinas on the Go was indeed a testament to the dedication of the beautiful and powerful entrepreneurs and extraordinary businesswomen present.

The event served as a platform for networking, sharing, and fostering a community of strong and hard-working women. This gathering had another meaningful purpose: the collective effort to raise funds for Girls of the World, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to equipping young ladies with essential life skills and unique experiences that nurture positive self-worth. Through weekly educational sessions, volunteering opportunities, and networking initiatives, Girls of the World, Inc. creates a supportive environment that empowers young women to thrive and succeed.

During this event, we all got to explain our business, and the team of Reflection of Memories got to share and present our new Permanent Jewelry booth. We are profoundly thankful to have been part of this inspiring event and to witness the convergence of passion, purpose, and philanthropy. The dedication of Latinas on the Go and their collaborative mission with Girls of the World, Inc. exemplifies the boundless possibilities that emerge when communities unite for the betterment of our future leaders. It is through initiatives like these that a brighter, more empowered tomorrow is cultivated for generations to come. Thank you for the invaluable work you do and for allowing us to be a part of this transformative journey.

You can view how we prepared our Permanent Jewelry booth in the video below:


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