Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide, Find Their Meaning

Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guide, Find Their Meaning

A guardian angel is an entity, not a physical being. They are a source of light. According to Christian tradition, we all have a guardian angel from the moment we are born until our death. They exist to protect us, to show us the path to love and light in our darkest times. 

This being exists not only in Christianity but also in Islam; the difference is that our guardian angel is the most present in our lowest times to guide us, but for Muslims, their guardian angel is present in every moment, awake and sleeping, as it is said that every Muslim has four guardian angels, two to watch your night and two to guard your day. Each culture or religion has its version of a guardian angel. 

Can a loved one be my guardian angel?

Yes, they can, but only if they passed away before you were born. 

In Christianity, Guardian Angels are assigned when you're born when someone you love crosses over, and someone says they're now your new guardian angel; what they mean is that this person is your new spiritual guide, which is not the same. 

A spiritual guide is someone who was once human and can understand the human experience better, and similar to our guardian angels, they look after us with love and compassion. 

Spiritual guides and Guardian Angels are both protective beings sent by God, but they have different energies, and they will present themselves in different ways; Guardian Angels protect us from spiritual beings and evil energies Spiritual Guides, as former humans, will protect us from situations and people. 

Is one better than the other?

No, they both serve their purpose while protecting us with love and comfort. You may feel closer to a spiritual guide as you knew them when they were alive and were someone you deeply loved, but they are both a source of strength, comfort, and guidance. They're with you in every step you take and will live in your heart as long as youlive. They are your perfect companion. 

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