Back to School Survival Kit: Including a Necklace for Good Luck

Back to School Survival Kit: Including a Necklace for Good Luck

Get ready for the ultimate back-to-school survival kit to make your teenager feel right at home! This year, we're taking gift guides to a new level by curating a collection of essentials beyond just school supplies. We understand that transitioning from the comfort of home to the bustling halls of school can be daunting for teenagers, so we've put together a carefully crafted survival kit.

Say goodbye to those first-day jitters and hello to a sense of comfort and familiarity with our handpicked selection.

Budget-Friendly Noise-Canceling Headphones

The Anker Life Q30 are the best-rated budget-friendly headphones and what we love about them is their noise-canceling feature. It will help your child block out distractions and focus on their studies in peace.

These headphones are designed to reduce background noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in your work without any interruptions. Whether it's the chatter of classmates or the sound of lockers slamming shut, these headphones will create a quiet oasis for your child to concentrate and excel.

Claw clips and Hair Accessories

These versatile hair accessories are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your locks in check throughout the day. Trust me, you never know when you'll need them!

Whether you're running late for class or simply want to switch up your hairstyle on the go, claw clips are here to save the day. They effortlessly hold your hair in place without causing any damage or discomfort. Perfect for gym class!

Portable Phone Charger

While we can all agree that phones can be a distraction during class time. We also need to acknowledge their importance in certain situations. You never know when an emergency might arise, and being able to reach someone quickly becomes crucial. That's where having a portable phone charger as part of a high school survival kit comes into play. It ensures that students have the means to stay connected when they need it the most. 

Personal Items Kit

It is essential to have a high school survival kit that includes personal items for emergencies. These items are crucial in ensuring your well-being and comfort during unexpected situations. 

A high school survival kit has to have personal items such as menstrual items, painkillers, band-aids, and any personal hygiene product you think you may need.

Lucky Charm

In high school, where stress and uncertainty often prevail, having a lucky charm can provide a sense of comfort and positivity. It serves as a constant reminder that there is something magical in the world, even during challenging times. Our favorite choice is a clover necklace.

A clover necklace holds significance beyond its aesthetic appeal. The four-leaf clover, in particular, is believed to bring good luck and fortune to its wearer. It has long been regarded as a symbol of hope and serendipity.

While luck alone cannot guarantee success, having a lucky charm like a clover necklace, or any other charm of your choosing,  can be that extra boost you need to face challenges head-on. So make sure your high school survival kit is complete with this magical accessory – let it be your companion on this exciting journey!

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