Back to School Gift Guide for Teen Girls

Back to School Gift Guide for Teen Girls

Just in time for the back-to-school season, we have prepared a special gift guide tailored specifically for the princess of the house: your teen. Whether she is starting her freshman year of high school or heading towards her senior year, we have curated a selection of gifts that are sure to delight and inspire.

Our gift guide is designed to help you find the perfect presents for your teen, ensuring she starts off the school year with style and confidence. From trendy fashion items to practical accessories, we have included a wide range of options that cater to different tastes and preferences.

As you navigate through our gift guide, you will discover thoughtful suggestions that align with each stage of your teen girl's high school journey. We understand that each year brings new experiences and milestones, so our recommendations are carefully curated to suit the needs and interests of each grade level.

Now, let’s get into it:


Starting freshman year is an exciting milestone in a student's life. As they embark on this new chapter, it's important to equip them with the necessary tools and supplies to help them succeed academically and make their experience more enjoyable. One essential item that every freshman should consider investing in is a new backpack.

When selecting a backpack for freshman year, it's crucial to prioritize comfort, durability, and functionality, that’s why our absolute favorites are the Jansport backpacks. They’re a classic for a reason. 

We love this baby blue corduroy, but they have so many options on their website for you to choose from. 


As students progress into their sophomore year, their lives tend to become busier and more complex. With a range of social events to attend, thoughts about university and future plans, and the emergence of love interests, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. This is why a good planner becomes an essential tool for teens during this phase of their lives.

A planner provides a structured way for students to organize their schedules, deadlines, and commitments. It helps them stay on top of their academic responsibilities while also making time for social activities and personal interests. By having a planner, teens can effectively manage their time and ensure that they don't miss out on important events or opportunities.

We found two options for you, the academically inclined planner and the overall planner. We couldn’t decide which one we loved more, so we’re sharing both with you. 

The Spiral Academic Year Planner and hot minute planner


Junior year of high school is a significant period for teenage girls as they navigate the transition into young adulthood. Finding the perfect gift for a girl in this stage of life can be challenging, but keeping it simple and thoughtful is always a safe bet.

Considering the prevalence of social media in their lives, an ideal gift for a socially active teen girl could be the Owala water bottle. This trendy product has gained popularity on platforms like TikTok, where viral trends often take off. Notably, Cosmopolitan has even listed it as a great gift option.

By gifting an Owala water bottle, you can not only provide her with a practical and stylish accessory but also tap into her interests and current trends. 


Senior year is a time filled with mixed emotions - excitement for the future and anxiety about what lies ahead. It's a pivotal moment in someone's life, which makes it the perfect opportunity to give them a gift that holds sentimental value.

Our heart-shaped initial necklace is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of your love and support for her as she embarks on her journey beyond high school. It's something she can carry with her wherever she goes, reminding her of your unwavering affection and support.

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