5 Reasons Why a Bar Necklace Is The Perfect Gift For Her

5 Reasons Why a Bar Necklace Is The Perfect Gift For Her

Finding a necklace that is simple, chic, stylish, and for any occasion is not an easy task. If it's for a night event, they're usually too flashy to be worn during the day, and a daytime necklace sometimes feels underwhelming on a night event.

This is where the Bar Necklace comes in to save the day. The bar necklace is a fantastic piece of jewelry to have, is a versatile piece, and, even though it may seem like a simple piece, is unique. But what makes it so special and unique? 

Bar Necklace Meaning

Bar necklaces have a unique quality to them: they're highly personalizable, and their meaning is what you want them to be. The bar-shaped pendant makes it easier to engrave dates, names, and many other details. 

The bar of the necklace can be horizontal or vertical, it’s up to you, and like many other necklaces, it comes in different materials and colors. Reflection of Memories bar necklaces collection comes in 14k gold filled, rose gold, and sterling silver,

Bar Necklaces For Any Occasion

Bar Necklaces have become a favorite of every woman out there, and it's on their way to becoming much-needed jewelry basic to have. This customizable quality makes this necklace a beautiful accessory for a special occasion or everyday wear. 

Bridal Party

This necklace is the perfect bridesmaid gift; it allows you to engrave it with each bridesmaid's initials, the date of the wedding, the date of your bachelorette, and anything that reminds you of what has made your bond stronger. 

On top of that, it helps you create matching looks for all your bridesmaid.

Reflection of Memories Bar Necklaces Styles

Handwritten Bar Necklace 

As its name implies, the bar-shaped pendant allows us to engrave a loved one's signature or a love note for someone special in your life. This necklace design carries a deep sentimental value to the person who has had it made.

Roman Numeral Necklace

This style was created to help you keep your memories of a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation close to your heart uniquely, engraving the date in roman numerals.

Vertical Bar Necklace

Bar necklaces commonly have the bar pendant horizontally, but they can also be created with the bar vertically to give it a unique look. It can be engraved with your and your partner's initials or a meaningful date you hold close to your heart. 

Engraved Coordinates Bar Necklace

Do you have a favorite place, a place where something magical happened, or maybe a place you go to have some peace and quiet? In this necklace, we engrave the latitude and longitude coordinates to your special place on earth, so you can carry that place wherever you go.

Bar Necklace with Birthstone

This bar pendant is unique. It has all the goodness of the rest but with an added bonus: it comes with an installed birthstone on it. It makes for the perfect baptism or birthday gift. This necklace is a beautiful keepsake that holds deep sentiments and value. 

Fingerprint Necklace 

When we say this necklace is highly customizable, we mean it. This necklace style can be a token to hold any memory or celebration. In this case, you can celebrate your love by engraving your actual fingerprints on it. It's unique and romantic.

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