At Reflection of Memories, we take care of the quality of our products. We make sure the pieces are long-lasting and withstand the passage of time and everyday activities, that’s why we work with Gold Filled. You’re probably wondering: what is gold-filled? Is it real gold? and the answer is simple.  Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded to a base of another metal, such as sterling silver or copper. At Reflections of Memories, gold-filled jewelry contains 5% 14kt gold. 

Now, on to answer all our most frequently asked questions.


Can you shower with 14K Gold-filled Jewelry?

The answer is yes. Unlike other jewelry materials, such as gold plates, gold-filled can be used when showering, working out, and in everyday activities overall, but we don’t recommend you use it in swimming pools, or at the beach, as the salt and chlorine can tarnish the jewelry.

Your gold-filled jewelry may become dull or lose some of its shine, and that’s completely normal. All you need to do is polish it, or clean it, and it will return to its original color. 


How long does 14K Gold filled last?

Gold-filled can last many many years but as with everything it needs proper care. Yes, you can use it every day, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for it. Gold-filled does tarnish. 

How long it will last will depend on where you store the piece, the chemicals that touch it, and how often you clean it.

Chlorine, perfumes, sunscreens, lotions, and many other products contain chemicals that can tarnish the piece. Products like perfumes and lotions can be harmless, but since they react differently to each person's PH it’s best to clean them now and then. 

As for storing, we recommend using a dry place. Reflection of Memories jewelry comes with a small jewelry storage bag, so we recommend storing the pieces in it when not wearing them. 

What is the difference between Gold-filled and Gold Plated?

    Gold-filled has more gold alloy than gold-plated, for a jewel to be considered to be gold-filled its weight needs to be 5% gold, unlike gold-plated pieces which have 0.05% gold. Gold-plated jewelry doesn’t last long and tarnishes easily.


    Does 14K Gold filled jewelry turn Green?

      We get asked this question so often and the answer is no. Neither your skin nor your jewelry will turn green. Gold-filled jewelry has a good amount of gold that will avoid this from happening.